This trading card game is all about the sentient fighting vehicles that inhabit the unique and peculiar world of the Hummelverse. Choose your HQ, lead a force of vehicles into combat, and influence the course of the battle with events!

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The Starter Set of the game has been released! For a quick overview of what LEGENDS is all about, see below, or download a free copy of the Rulebook PDF.

Build your force

The players acquire cards and use them to build their decks, which consist of Vehicles, Events, and HQ cards.

Field your legends

Using one deck each, the players can compete against each other in matches where they field their vehicles to fight a series of battles.

Fight the enemy

A match represents an ongoing conflict between two factions, which may be vehicles of the same or various allegiances and origins. 

Many ways to victory

The objective is usually to conquer the enemy's HQ, but other conflicts are also possible. A limited time match or a clash of multiple factions are examples of other game modes.

Ensure a supply

To supply their force with ammunition and new vehicles, the players try to gather resources, a valuable "currency" which can be gained through different means, for example by destroying hostile vehicles or repurposing one's own.

Collect them all

The game features different sets of cards, which can be used together. Each card has a rarity. New sets will be released in the future to offer a larger variety of different cards for all sorts of tactics.

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